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Senarai semak Cina Malaysia tolak MCA

Why am I angry? MCA is nothing but a tool and a decor piece for big brother (and that is UMNO)!

Did they fight on behalf of the rakyat (people) or the political bully (UMNO)? Look at the MCA’s failures and actions.

1. Failure to get United Chinese School Examination (UCE) recognized.

2. Failure to settle the PKFZ issue.

3. Failure to condemn corruption and rent seeking in general.

4. Failure to said even a word when Teoh and othgers died in custody.

5. Failure to oppose negotiated tender at the national level. The hypocrites make lots of noise that no Chinese got DID contract in Penang.

6. Failure to oppose all the rent seeking projects, IPP’s, IWK, Syabas, highways.

7. Failure to condemn public land grab.

8. Failure to use MCA paper for transparency, but instead using it for propaganda.

9. Failure to condemn Utusan.

10. Failure to condemn Ibrahim himself.

11. Failure to response to Nazri’s comment that MCA is like an abused wife.

12. Failure to get scholarship for the many deserving and in need.

13. Failure to speak out against Christian bashing during the Allah issue.

14. Failure to support Bersih for a clean, free and fair elections, and instead took to lying (Tung Shin hospital) and apple polishing big brother.

15. Failure to speak out again AP’s and Proton. Both increase the costs of cars for all Malaysians.

16. Failure to advise Namewee, whose fault was using vulgar language to condemn racist principals.

17. Failure to speak out against the NFC scandal, of which MCA has a deputy minister.

18. Failure to speak out for the rakyat on the case of the Scorpene deal.

19. Threaten to withdraw from all government positions, if they get less seats than 2008.

20. Supporting all policies, even if they hurt the rakyat, as long as they get a share of the cake, perhaps some crumps will do.

21. Supporting football betting, just because his boss wants it, falsely claiming it to be non-Malay right. (It may be good for one Chinese, but what about the thousands who will suffer as a result.)

22. Supporting the Evidence Act, OSA, ISA, PPPA, EA and other repressive laws.

23. Supporting the man made water and electricity crisis in Selangor.

24. Supporting and maybe profiting from all the speed traps set up all along the highway. (We support speed trap as deterrence, not profit.)

25. Supporting hudud in Trengganu and Kelantan when it was passed in the state assembly. What hypocrites!

26. Becoming the tool of a political bully, by supporting blindly, (“through thick and thin”).

Consequently, I tend to feel MCA = Malaysian Company of Accomplices


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